Using Metallic Ribbon As A Perfect Complement To Gift Wrapping Requirements

Metallic Ribbon are useful and decorative fabrics that are almost infinite in their variety, texture, and colour. Modern ribbons are manufactured from every kind of fabric, from velvet and satin to synthetics like nylon and rayon. They are patterned, printed, woven, braided, adorned with embroidery, decorated with pearls or sequins, shaped like ric-rac, skilfully made like lace, edged with metal so they can be molded and shaped, and crafted like motif ribbons. Its uses may most often be thought of as decorative, but ribbons are also materials for making larger fabrics by weaving, crocheting, or knitting them together.

Using Metallic Ribbon for Gift Wrapping


Raw Materials of ribbons

Ribbon can be manufactured from a wide range of materials, and their manufacture is classified by type and texture. The six broad categories of ribbon textures include organdies, satins, velvets, grosgrains, metallics, and natural fibres. Organdies are delicate products made of very fine woven yarns, and they often have metal edges to provide shape. Metallic ribbons are woven from lurex or other metallic yarns and are favoured for their sparkle.

Design of ribbons

Ribbons are designed in much the same way as fabrics. Colours are chosen depending on fashion trends, seasons, and intended uses. Materials are selected based on use, wearability, cleaning requirements, and fabric trends that the ribbons must match. Sales records are also considered because ribbons go in and out of fashion and are sometimes discontinued.

Mettalic Ribbon on Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Gift Using Metallic Ribbon

The Future of ribbons

Ribbon manufacturers seem to have guaranteed the future of their product by the variety and ingenuity of their output. While fashion trends may cause particular types of ribbon to fade in and out of favour, the outcasts are quickly replaced by new products. Computer techniques have enhanced both design and manufacturing processes. They allow infinite combinations to be generated on screen, and intricate procedures that were previously cost-prohibitive may be possible with computer-controlled manufacturing.

Butterfly Bow Metallic Ribbon

Metallic Ribbon

Metallic ribbon are used for your every crafting necessity to aid the perfect impression you envision for your craft. Metallic Ribbon Singapore is a perfect complement to your packaging and holiday gift wrapping requirements. It can be used anywhere to make your life more colourful and expressive.

Metallic ribbon is excellent for:

  • Children’s crafts and school projects
  • Holiday decorating and gift wrapping
  • Weddings, baby showers, and other special occasions
  • Creating centre-pieces for dinner parties or events
  • Packaging fine foods and other products for commercial sale
  • Adding shimmering accents to clothing, accessories, or even furniture

Metallic Mesh Ribbon

This beautiful metallic mesh ribbon comes in either silver or gold. It’s stiff yet flexible, and can be twisted and folded into a variety of bows and other shapes. This product is so versatile you can stock up and have plenty around for future tasks. You can try combining it with one of the other fine ribbons to create a mixed-media effect.

Troy Metallic Ribbon

This gold metallic ribbon is a favorite among the customers due to its high quality and breathtaking beauty. It features fine weave and wired edges that make it easy to shape and prevents fraying.


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